Apple’s iPhone Event to be Streamed on Youtube

This story courtesy 9to5Mac:

Over the last several years, Apple has gradually been expanding the ways people can tune into its various keynotes. This year, Apple is further expanding its efforts and will stream the September 10th iPhone 11 event on YouTube.

For those with long memories, for a long time the only way you could actually stream Apple’s events was through Safari and/or an Apple device, and then Microsoft Edge. Grabbing the direct stream via something like VLC was possible but required a level of technical know-how; expanding to Youtube dramatically boosts the potential audience for this. A fun little historical footnote on the slow trend of a far more open Apple under Cook.

The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2019

This year at WWDC John Gruber hosted Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak on-stage for the live edition of The Talk Show. Some impressions:

  • The ASIC in the Mac Pro used to accelerate ProRes workflows is reprogrammable. I wonder if Apple’s going to offer different flavors for other industries to try and help push adoption into areas that Apple has very little toeholds in; while they remain very strong in desktop and web publishing, video, and color correction, high-end post production and niches like scientific modeling are often dominated by UNIX or specialized tools.
  • No price on the Mac Pro’s wheels were given.
  • With Sidecar, Apple is doubling down on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, offering it in virtual form on users’ iPads regardless of the Mac you’re using the iPad with. I’m guessing that alongside the rumors of a 16″ MacBook Pro that retains the Touch Bar and only adds back the escape key, they are going to keep it around, and having it be “universal” even to Macs that don’t have it is a way of encouraging developers to use it.
  • There are some good tidbits about crafting the keynotes, including the fact that there are metrics for how many slides each presenter can get through in a minute.
  • Apple will probably never be able to replicate Jobs’ personality and showmanship, but I think it’s inarguable that Federighi is the most entertaining of Apple’s presenters and certainly the one who seems to have the most rapport with the WWDC especially. Joswiak and Federighi’s banter is part of what gives Apple a real personality instead of feeling scripted.